Next party July 18th hope to see you there! Don't forget to add us on Facebook and ask for an invitation to our new group chat, friend request 'Suzy Banger'
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 Brizzy Bangers

Brizzy Bangers holds regular parties throughout the year, specifically catering for women who enjoy intimate fun with multiple men.


All Brizzy Banger's Parties are now held at Diiversionz, South East Queensland's premier Adult party venue.  Visit for more details.

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Future Party Dates can be found on the Diversionz Party Calendar.

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Brizzy Bangers - Brisbane's Own Online Adult Community

Welcome to Brizzy Bangers


Welcome to Brizzy Bangers


We're all about holding parties to meet the needs not met by other parties & clubs for well run, safe sex only, strictly hetro gang bang nights. Nights where women who are looking for multiple male partners & men that want to play in a team can get what they seek.

Our parties are held at Diversionz Swingers Club in Slacks Creek, always on a Saturday night usually every 4 -5 weeks. All upcoming dates are shown on the scroller at the top of the front page here & advanced dates can be found on the Diversionz site

Please take a look around here, we have FAQ's that will answer most of your questions & a full set of the rules that will apply at the parties. If you have any q's or would like to make a booking to attend one of our parties please send me an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Most of this site is free to all that register their profile but if you wish to access the members only areas there is a small charge to subscribe to them. This includes access to banger cam movies taken at past parties & the user gallery. In the case of couples being a financial member also gets you half price entry to the parties. For info on becoming financial just drop us a line 7 we'll get all the necessary info to you.

Enjoy the site and we look forward to welcoming you to a Brizzy Bangers gang bang night soon :-)

Brizzy Bangers